Have a question, doubt?

Before you order - we encourage you to read the answers to those most frequently asked by our clients.

1. What if the cleaning took longer/ shorter than suggested on the website?

The time provided on our website is estimated – everything depends on the condition of the flat.. Do not worry, you do not pay for the time, just for a specific package.

2. What do I have to prepare before ordering?

If you have chosen options with your own cleaning supplies, please prepare them: all-purpose/ tile and grout/ glass/ floor cleaners; as well as sponges and microfiber cloth. If you choose an option with our professional cleaning products, you do not have to worry about it. Whichever option you select, please provide: a sweeper, scoop, bucket with a mop, a bowl and a vacuum cleaner. We kindly ask you to inform the Cleaning Person if some surface / piece of furniture requires special care.

3. Do I have to be present during cleaning Can I be sure that the cleaning person is trustworthy?

You do not need to be present during the service. As soon as the cleaning person is put in, you can have your time back and devote it to whatever you like ! You can trust us – all our employees are legally employed and go through a thorough, multiple stage selection process. In addition, our company is insured in case of damages resulting in an unlikely event of any negligence.

4. Can I change the order date?

You can change the date of the service you have already ordered. Let us know about it 48 hours before the actual date by phone or email.

5. What are the payment methods?

By ordering online – you place a payment card through PayU or transfer When ordering by phone, you can make a transfer to a bank account Nest Bank S.A. PL15 2530 0008 2097 1053 1084 0001

6. What if I have some concerns regarding the quality of the service?

We strongly recommend to share them right away during the service with the Cleaning Person, or contact us. We also encourage you to fill in a short survey after each order, and in the event of a complaint, we will certainly find a good solution suitable for both parties.