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We would like to present to you one of our cleaning packages, which you can buy using our website Please select whether cleaning products will be supplied or if we are to perform the service on professional cleaning supplies provided by RubyCS. Then, please choose the size and pay the order using PayU.

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Windows are a business card, but also the decoration of any apartment, house or office and for that reason should always be clean and shiny. Not everyone, however, finds time in their daily duties to thoroughly clean the glass, others do not like fighting with stubborn streaks.

To all those who would like to enjoy clean windows and streaks without any effort, Ruby Cleaning Services offers comprehensive window cleaning services at affordable prices. The scope of the service includes: cleaning glass, washing the inside and outside of the frame, cleaning window sills.

Detailed price list - cleaning windows

The area of the flat Cleaning costs (own cleaning products) Cleaning costs (cleaning supplies provided by Ruby CS)
30m2 – 36m2 98 zł 106 zł
37m2 – 42m2 109 zł 118 zł
43m2 – 48m2 120 zł 128 zł
49m2 – 56m2 131 zł 141 zł
57m2 – 64m2 145 zł 157 zł
65m2 – 74m2 160 zł 173 zł
75m2 – 84m2 177 zł 192 zł
85m2 – 97m2 198 zł 214 zł
98m2 – 110m2 221 zł 239 zł
111m2 – 123m2 244 zł 264 zł
124m2 – 136m2 269 zł 291 zł


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